Au 1g: 68.90 €
Ag 1g: 0.86 €

Gold 1g: 68.90 € | Silver 1g: 0.86 € | Platinum 1g: 28.41 € | Last update: 13.06.2024. 19:50:00

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Trsat Dragon – Cultural Heritage of Trsat

The Croatian Mint proudly announces the release of new collector coins “Trsat Dragon”. This unique coin has a deep historical and cultural background, inspired by the Trsat Dragons, or basilisks, bronze sculptures crafted in the first half of the 19th century at the request of Austrian Field Marshal Count Laval Nugent.

Basilisks, commonly referred to as Trsat Dragons in Rijeka’s folk traditions, are mythical creatures with characteristics of a snake, dragon, and rooster. They are considered guardians of the Trsat fortress above Rijeka.

The new issue of the Croatian Mint is available in two variations: as the 1 ounce gold coin “Trsat Dragon” in a limited series of 100 pieces and as the 1 ounce silver coin “Trsat Dragon” in a series of 5,000 pieces.

The motif of the Trsat Dragon holds broader cultural significance, connecting Croatia and European heritage, conveying the story of the life and work of Laval Nugent. Interestingly, it has also become a symbol in many legends and stories celebrating the bravery of dragons.

Although mythical beings, dragons continue to captivate our imagination today, and a bit of that magic is now preserved in the new collector coin “Trsat Dragon” from the Croatian Mint.

The gold and silver coin come in a gift box with a numbered certificate signed by the Governor of the Croatian National Bank.

The issue “Trsat Dragon” can be ordered from January 24th on the online store.