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Numismatics: a lasting gift

Commemorative coins and medals are lasting gifts. Their value is far higher than the value of metal they are minted out of.

You are familiar with the term “numismatics” and “numismatists” but are not entirely sure what it is all about?

The term numismatics derives from the Greek word nomisma, which means ‘coin’, and is considered a science that studies old and contemporary coins and paper money, medals, state plaques and other colectionary items. The Croatian Numismatic Society is active since 1928.

Silver commemorative coin “The alka of Sinj 1715.-2015.”

Alongside with the value of metal, coins and medals hide another secret, which is their numismatic value.

Coins bear a lot of significant state attributes or personalities. Famous inventors we are proud of, such as Ruđer Bošković or Nikola Tesla. Important events for our country such as joining the United Nations or NATO. Some issues of coins feature our cultural heritage, such as the lace from Pag or historical ships, such as the Dubrovnik carrack.

Once Croatia becomes a member of the monetary union, and our currency is euro, all Croatian kuna coins will have a priceless value. For generations that have grown up with the Croatian kuna, as well as the generations that are coming.