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General terms of business

Please carefully read the General Terms of Business for the use of the www.croatianmint.hr/en/shop website and of the company Croatian Mint Ltd. for the purpose of purchasing products and obtaining information on products that the company Croatian Mint Ltd. provides through the aforementioned website.

By using this website to purchase or collect information about the products found on it, you confirm that you are familiar with these General Terms of Business and that you agree to them.

The General Terms of Business regulate the relations between the Seller and the Buyer, the rights and obligations of the Seller, and the rights and obligations of the Buyer, regarding the conditions and manner of selling the Products, Product prices, delivery and distribution of Products, receipt of the Products, return, shipping, method of payment and other issues related to the sale of Products.


Article 1

Website www.croatianmint.hr/en/shop is owned by the company Croatian Mint Ltd., Svetonedeljska cesta 2, 10 431 Sveta Nedelja, Croatia, PIN: 13018705268, entered into the court register of the Commercial Court in Zagreb under the company registration number: 0318396. The Consumer Protection Act, the Electronic Commerce Act, the Civil Obligations Act and other applicable regulations of the Republic of Croatia shall apply to the General Terms of Business.

Certain terms within the meaning of these General Terms of Business have the following meanings:

“The Seller” within the meaning of these General Terms of Business is the company Croatian Mint Ltd., Svetonedeljska cesta 2, 10 431 Sveta Nedelja, PIN: 13018705268, company registration number: 0318396, T: + 385 1 3322-106, prodaja@croatianmint.hr, www.croatianmint.hr/en/shop.

“The Products” within the meaning of these General Terms of Business are all products that are featured on the website www.croatianmint.hr/en/shop (hereinafter: “the Website”), which can be purchased via web-shop. The right to use the Website is a personal right of the user and it cannot be transferred to other natural or legal persons in any way, nor is the user authorized to sign up other natural or legal persons. The end user is personally responsible for the confidentiality of passwords where they are needed. The end user is aware of the fact that there may be occasional service disruptions or events which are outside the Seller’s control and accepts that the Seller is not liable for any data loss that may occur during online transfer of information. The user agrees and accepts that access to the Website may sometimes be interrupted, temporarily unavailable or shutdown.

“The Web-shop” within the meaning of these General Terms of Business is Product purchasing via “www.croatianmint.hr/en/shop”.

“The User” within the terms of these General Terms of Business is any legal entity or natural person who accesses and/or uses the content and services of the Website and/or uses the Web-shop service, and comprises all customers and visitors to the Website.

“Registered User” within the meaning of these General Terms of Business is a user who underwent registration to use the Web-shop service on the Website.

“The Customer” in terms of these General Terms of Business is a user who, having browsed and selected the Product, registers their data, orders the Product via the Web-shop and pays the purchase price. The Buyer as a natural person can only be an adult having legal capacity. An agreement may be concluded in the name of and on behalf of a minor or a person with no legal capacity by their legal representatives, and persons with partial legal capacity may conclude an agreement only with the consent of their legal representative. Seller shall assume no liability for any action contrary to this provision.

“Investment gold” within the meaning of these General Terms of Business is (i) gold in the form of bars or plates weighing as accepted in the precious metals market, of a purity equal to or greater than 995 thousandths, whether or not represented by securities; (ii) gold coins a) of purity equal to or greater than 900 thousandths, b) minted after the year 1800, c) which are currently legal tender or have been legal tender in the country of origin, and d) which are normally sold at a price not exceeding 80% of the value of open market gold contained in coins.


Article 2

Upon the first purchase, the Buyer shall be required to fill in the required registration fields with true, complete, valid and accurate information and accept the General Terms of Business. Acceptance of the General Terms of Business shall be confirmed by the Buyer through registration, making the Buyer a Registered User. As such, the Buyer shall be able view all their orders in the order archives, monitor the progress of the order and change their user data. The registered user shall be obliged to take care of the security of their user password and to change it from time to time. Registration or user account shall be created only for one natural person or one legal entity and it is expressly forbidden to disclose registration or user account information to third parties, transfer the user account to third parties, and use someone else’s registration or user account.

Mandatory registration information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone
  • Country
  • Address
  • City
  • ZIP code
  • Password.

The customer in the Web-shop shall put the selected Products into the cart. Before purchase confirmation, the Buyer must read the General Terms of Business and mark the specified field as a confirmation of agreement with and acceptance of the General Terms of Business (confirmation of the purchase without marking the specified field is not possible). Up until the purchase is confirmed, the customer is free to add or withdraw Products from the cart.

The personal data protection shall be specifically elaborated in the section of the Website entitled “Privacy”.

Through the Web sales service, the Seller and the User as the Buyer enter into a sale and purchase agreement by means of remote communication (hereinafter: “the Agreement”). The Seller’s quotation for the conclusion of the Agreement shall be represented by these General Terms of Business and individual conditions of sale (specifications, prices indicated with information on a particular product); as the Buyer, the User accepts the quotation by registering and concluding the order, and by that acceptance the Agreement shall be concluded.

By accepting the quotation, the Buyer declares to have read these General Terms of Business, agrees to their application and accepts all rights and obligations arising from them. By accepting the quotation, the Buyer declares that the information entered in the quotation is true and identical to the oral agreement.

Once the Buyer confirms and executes the order, the Agreement shall be concluded. The Seller shall inform the Buyer of the Agreement conclusion by e-mail and submit the General Terms of Business and notification as stated in Article 57 (1) of the Consumer Protection Act.

The Seller reserves the right to immediately revoke any passwords or user accounts of the User in case of any behavior of the User which the Seller, at its discretion, deems unacceptable, as well as in any case of non-compliance with the General Terms of Business by the User.


Article 3

Product accessibility is subject to its availability, which is visible when choosing the Product in the Webshop.

The Seller cannot guarantee that the color and design of the Product, as displayed on the screen of the Buyer’s device, will fully match the actual Product.

The Seller shall be obliged to deliver the Product to the Buyer as soon as possible depending on the availability of the Product.

The Product shall be delivered within 5–10 days (depending on the Product), and no later than 30 days from the day on which the order was made, or from the day the Product became available. Orders received during non-business days are processed on the first following business day. The Seller is not bound by the aforementioned terms in case of making custom medals, Products for which it is necessary to contact the Seller by e-mail or telephone in order to define all the terms and conditions.

The Seller shall not be liable for delays or other problems in the delivery of the Product caused by Force Majeure or other exceptional circumstances beyond the Seller’s control, such as the cessation of operation of smelters, strike, blockades, inability to import raw materials, restrictions imposed by the regulatory authorities on the Seller regarding the delivery of the Product, natural disasters and other exceptional situations. In the aforementioned circumstances, the Seller is released from the obligation to comply with the agreed term of delivery, in which case the Buyer shall be notified of the extended term of delivery of the ordered Product(s) without undue delay. In the aforementioned circumstances, the Buyer may request termination of the agreement and a refund within 8 days since the notification was sent. Otherwise, it shall be deemed that the Buyer accepts the new extended term of delivery. In this case, the Buyer shall have no right to compensation or other requests or claims against the Seller.

Delivery within the Republic of Croatia is free for orders over HRK 1,000.00 (say: one thousand). For orders below HRK 1,000.00 (say: one thousand) it is necessary to add the Products to the cart and then the postage expenses will be calculated and displayed.

International shipments shall be delivered by the courier service of the Croatian Post within 10 to 15 business days following the delivery from the Seller, depending on the destination. Postage expenses depend on the destination, weight and size of the package. For details on postage expenses, it is necessary to add the Products to the cart and then the postage expenses will be calculated.

For delivery to countries outside the EU, packages may be cleared through customs, depending on the laws of each country. The Buyers shall comply with the laws and regulations of the country of destination. Any additional costs (customs and other) are covered by the Buyer (recipient). Contact your local customs office for more information.

The Seller has fulfilled the obligation to hand over the Product to the Buyer when the Seller delivers or hands over a document to the Buyer by which the Product can be taken over, containing an indication of the location of taking over.
On behalf of the Buyer, the Product may be taken over by a person authorized by the Buyer pursuant to a special power of attorney certified by a notary public. When handing over the Product, the Buyer shall inspect it and immediately inform the Seller of any defects. The Buyer shall inform the Seller of any defects of the Product within 24 hours of delivery, and deliver it to the Seller, so that the Seller can check the Product. Complaints will not be considered for any Products that have been removed from the original packaging and for which the Buyer does not have an invoice.

The Seller reserves the right to limit the maximum quantity of one identical item per order.


Article 4

The Seller reserves the right to change the prices of the Product at the moment of placing the order and the price at the moment of accepting the order, as a result of major changes in the precious metal exchange markets. The Buyer will be notified of any changes in a timely manner.

The price shown at the time of putting the Product into the shopping cart may differ from the price at the time of purchase. The price practiced at the moment of purchase confirmation shall be valid.

Up until the purchase is confirmed, the customer is free to add or withdraw Products from the cart. By confirming the purchase (by clicking on the fields “confirm purchase”, “order”, etc.) The Buyer confirms their agreement with the price published in the price list of the Web-shop at that time.

VAT shall be charged on the product categories of commemorative silver coins, circulating commemorative coins, gold and silver medals, medals made of base metals and custom medals.


Article 5

By confirming the order, it shall be considered that the Buyer agrees with the price of the Product and other costs, and the Buyer shall be sent a purchase quotation and/or an order confirmation via e-mail.

When it comes to the purchase of the Two kuna gold commemorative coin, the Numismatic set of commemorative gold coins and/or numismatic set of commemorative silver coins, one ounce gold coin Dalmatian dog and 1/16 ounce gold coin Dalmatian dog, once the quotation is delivered to the Buyer by e-mail, the price indicated on the quotation is valid for 2 hours from the moment of delivery of the quotation.

The Buyer shall send a confirmation of payment to the Seller within 2 hours from the delivery of the quotation to the e-mail address of the Seller: prodaja@croatianmint.hr.

In case the Buyer does not deliver the confirmation of payment to the Seller within 2 hours from the delivery of the quotation, the price indicated on the quotation is no longer valid and the Buyer is obliged to place a new order.

If the price of the product in the cart does not match the actual price of the product due to a technical difficulty or server failure at the time of order placement, the Seller reserves the right to notify the Buyer of the error and terminate the quotation. Moreover, the Seller shall respect the Buyer’s decision to withdraw from the quotation if the new/corrected price does not suit the Buyer and the Seller undertakes to make a refund within 48 hours of the Buyer’s disagreement with the new and corrected price.

The process of entering the Product price on the Website is subject to control at several levels, which does not exclude the possibility of error since it is not an automatic entry. Such situations are exceptional, but in the event of errors, the Seller shall retain the possibility of incorrectly stated price of the Product and the impossibility of delivery according to the order made at the wrong price, of which the Buyer shall be notified.


Article 6

The following payment methods are available:

  • General payment slip/wire transfer;
  • Credit card (MasterCard, Maestro and Visa debit cards (ZABA) 2-6 installments; Visa credit cards 2-12 installments; Visa Premium card; Diners Club and Discover cards 2-6 installments, Visa Inspire PBZ, Visa Electron and Pay, MB Plus);
  • Pay Pal.

The Buyer shall make a payment via bank transfer according to the following instructions:

To: Croatian Mint Ltd., Svetonedeljska cesta 2, 10 431 Sveta Nedelja, Hrvatska, PIN: 13018705268 

Bank Account:
Bank Zagrebačka banka d.d. – IBAN : HR7623600001502825725, SWIFT: ZABAHR2X

Reference number: HR00 – quotation number

Payment description: Payment by order number (quotation number)

If the payment is made in euros, it is necessary to make money transfer by remittance, and the SWIFT bank and the name of the bank should be added, along with the aforementioned information.


Article 7

In the event that the Buyer finds that the Product is defective or damaged during the first use, they will inform the Seller about this in writing (by mail or e-mail) to the e-mail address prodaja@croatianmint.hr or to the address of the Seller: Svetonedeljska cesta 2, 10 431 Sveta Nedelja. The Seller shall provide a description of the complaint, as well as information on the order number, invoice number or username of the Buyer.

Complaints are accepted only with the presented invoice as the only proof of purchase, and if submitted within 14 days of the receipt of the Product. 

The postage expense is borne by the Buyer.

The Buyer shall deliver the advertised Product in undamaged original packaging, with all enclosed parts.

Products with visible damage, Products that the Customer has tried to repair or remanufacture, Products that have been damaged due to improper handling or Products without original packaging cannot be replaced.

Should it be determined that the Product is damaged, a refund will be made to the Buyer, including postage costs (except for additional costs that could be incurred if the extraordinary method of delivery is chosen), no later than 14 days after the Seller determines that the Buyer is entitled to a return.

The refund will be made in the same way as the payment, unless another method of refund is specifically agreed to with the Buyer.

In case of impossibility of delivery of other goods, the Seller will reimburse the Buyer for the postage costs of returning the goods and any value of the goods that the Seller is no longer able to deliver.


Article 8

Pursuant to the European Commission Regulation No 524/2013 on online resolution of consumer disputes, which has been in effect since 9 January 2016, the Platform for online resolution of consumer disputes (Platform for ORD) has been put into operation, as an additional instrument for resolving possible disputes between the Buyer and the Seller.


Article 9

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 79 of the Consumer Protection Act, and seeing that the price of the Product depends on changes in the financial market that are beyond the control of the Seller and which may occur during the consumer’s right to unilateral termination of an agreement, and moreover, seeing that certain Products are custom made for the consumer, i.e. Buyer, and/or have clearly been adapted for the them, the Buyer has no right to unilaterally terminate the Product sale and purchase agreement, provided that the Seller has duly performed its obligation.


Article 10

Pursuant to the EU law (Directive 1999/44/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council dated 25 May 1999 and Article 422 of the Civil Obligations Act), the Seller shall be responsible for non-compliance which becomes apparent within a minimum of two years from the delivery of the goods.

The Buyer shall inform the Seller about the existence of visible defects within two months from the day when the Buyer discovered the defect, and no later than two years from the transfer of risk to the Buyer.

If it is shown that the Product has a defect upon the receipt of the Product by the Buyer that could not have been detected by a normal inspection when taking over the Product, the Buyer shall notify the Seller of that deficiency under the threat of loss of rights within two months starting from the day the deficiency was detected.

The Seller is not responsible for any defects that appear after two years have passed since the delivery of the Product. The rights of the Buyer who notified the Seller of the existence of a defect in a timely manner shall expire after two years, counting from the day the notification is sent to the Seller, unless the Buyer was prevented by the Seller from realizing them.

If the existence of a material defect is established, the Seller may have one of the following obligations, all pursuant to the provisions of the Civil Obligations Act:

1.           removal of defects,

2.           delivery of another product without defect,

3.           price reduction,

4.           termination of agreement.

The rights based on the Product material defect are regulated by the Civil Obligations Act.


Article 11

All disputes that may arise on the basis of these General Terms of Business will be resolved before the competent court in Zagreb.

The Seller is authorized to change the content of these General Terms of Business, the product range, other information related to the Website and all other content subject to public publication on the Website at any time, without prior notice. All changes take effect at the time of their publication on the Website, and Users are obliged to review the content of the Website before each visit.


For all inquiries please contact us at:
Telephone: +385 1 3322 106
E-mail: prodaja@croatianmint.hr


Article 12

The seller is the owner of all content published on the Website. These contents may only be used for private and non-commercial purposes and may not be copied, reproduced or distributed in any way without the written consent of the Seller. If the content is used for private and non-commercial purposes, all disclaimers must be transmitted and the Source: “www.croatianmint.hr/en/shop” must be indicated.

When using the Website, Users shall provide accurate, valid and complete personal data, especially when filling out the registration form. Failure to do so authorizes the Seller to deny access to the Products to any such User.

The Seller waives all responsibility for the accuracy and/or completeness of all information and content contained on the Website. The Seller reserves the right to make errors in the description and image of the Product. All content on the Website is set up to make it easier for the Buyer to make a choice when making a purchase. The Seller is not responsible for unintentional errors.

The Seller places all materials, photographs and text on the Website in good faith in order to facilitate the User’s choice when making a purchase. Seller does not warrant that photographs of the Product fully correspond to the appearance of the Product itself. The Seller is not responsible for possible unintentional errors in the description of the Product. Differences between the actual Product, the photograph of the Product and the described Product on this site are possible if the manufacturer changes any of the characteristics or content of the Product. All descriptions are checked regularly and in detail.

The Seller disclaims any liability that may arise in any way or is in any way related to the use of the Website and for any damage that may occur to the User or any third party through the use or misuse of the content of the Website.

The Seller assumes no responsibility for the content, availability, operation, legality and truthfulness of the content on the Website. Furthermore, the Seller assumes no responsibility for possible damages that may arise due to inability to access the Website.

Article 13

These General Terms of Business enter into force on 8 November 2021.