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Ag 1g: 4.62 Kn

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NEW EDITION! Four commemorative silver medals


In the quest for sophisticated special occasion gifts ?

Looking for a lasting gift?

The Croatian Monetary Institute and the Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić have the perfect solution:

two exclusive special occasion gift series with four silver medals that can be customized.

  • The first of the four medals,Cross”, is a gift for various Christian occasions such as baptism or the first communion, as well as important life events such as the birth of a child

The “Cross” medal is integrated with the traditional style illustration – cross in a landscape imbued with a spiritual experience, together with St. Francis of Assisi’s message “For it is in giving that we receive.

  • Cross copper etching“ is a Special Limited Edition series that has 40 signed lids with the reproduction of a copper etching made by a printmaking fine arts artist.

This way every box becomes a unique art specimen and the packaging itself becomes an exhibit of special value, not just a “wrapper” for the gift medal it holds within.

The Special Limited Edition has won the Pentawards Certificate of excellence in the Luxury Products category.

  • The series “A day to remember” is the perfect choice of gift for the sacraments of confirmation and wedding.

Symbols of individual events, such as coupled wedding rings or dove’s wings, are integrated into a graphically stylized cross-section of a tree ring. The tree rings or growth rings are a symbol of life, they mark a precise moment in time. As important events are recorded forever in our memories, moments in time are marked in the rings of the tree.

The messages on the products are: “A day given to the spirit. For the day of your holy confirmation deserves to be remembered” and “A day woven with love. For the day of your wedding deserves to be remembered.” In this way, the packaging itself becomes the primary message-teller of the important day in life, not just a “wrapper” for the gift medal it holds within.

The back of the medal is intended for personalization; engrave a message for the special person you are giving this medal to!

Check out our website to see what your engraving would look like!

The medals come in capsules in order for the precious metal features to be protected from the influence of time and the environment.

The products can be purchased in the CMI webshop as well as Prahir Fine Jewellry, the famous Croatian jewellry shop chain.

Photographs: Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić