Au 1g: 58.12 €
Ag 1g: 0.71 €

Gold 1g: 58.12 € | Silver 1g: 0.71 € | Platinum 1g: 27.98 € | Last update: 23.09.2023. 19:44:00

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The first Croatian collector euro coin

In a limited series of 500 pieces, the first Croatian collector euro coin has arrived, issued by the Croatian National Bank and minted by the Croatian Mint.

The beauty and significance of new beginnings come to the fore on this euro coin, because the symbol that will adorn it is a necktie, a decorative item of clothing whose origin is attributed to Croats and which over the centuries has become much more than that: it has become part of culture, not only in Croatia, but also around the world.

Zlatna i srebrna numizmatička kovanica Konturna kravata

The “Contour Necktie” edition consists of two coins of different shapes, made of different precious metals, gold and silver. The gold coin follows the contours of the necktie and is inserted into a silver coin whose opening harmoniously follows the given shape, so that in combination they form a complete forging.

Zlatna i srebrna numizmatička kovanica "Konturna kravata"

If you want to give someone a lasting and valuable memory, you will now be able to present the iconic necktie in the form of this unique, limited edition coin and with reason to be proud of its local origin.

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