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Ag 1g: 0.71 €

Gold 1g: 59.17 € | Silver 1g: 0.71 € | Platinum 1g: 29.96 € | Last update: 01.06.2023. 03:04:00

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Minting of gold, silver medals and base metals medals
Gold medal

The Croatian Mint mints numerous gold and silver medals, as well as base metal medals.

Our craftsmen have transformed the ideas of Croatia’s most renowned academic sculptors into pieces of art.

Gold medals

You have found yourself in the quest for unique special occasion gifts ? Browse through our selection of gold medals !

For significant occasions such as the birth of a child, baptism or a marriage anniversary, one is always in the quest for a perfect gift.

Browse through our suggestions and choose the shiniest gift!

Srebrne medalje

Silver is a gift that oozes elegance and is therefore regularly given in many special occasions.

You have been invited to a celebration of a baptism or a graduation party? Leave a lasting mark, choose a lasting gift.

Base metal medals

Base metal medals are the ideal choice of souvenirs for your business partners or family members.

The skylines of cities such as Dubrovnik and Zagreb have been minted into medals of differrent sizes and finishing treatments. You can choose between patinated, gold or silver plated medals.

Custom made medals

Looking for different business gifts? Wish to commemorate an important anniversary of your company by giving away a medal with your logo ?

Or you are about to celebrate your 25th marriage anniversary and wish to give your guests a lasting memory ?

The Croatian Monetary Institute mints custom made products.

We are at your disposal. Contact us on

Medalja "Professor Balthazar" od niklene bronce