Au 1g: 410.30 Kn
Ag 1g: 4.71 Kn

Gold 1g: 410.30 Kn | Silver 1g: 4.71 Kn | Platinum 1g: 213.08 Kn | Last update: 24.09.2022. 18:49:00

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Precious metals storage
Precious metals storage

The Croatian Mint has introduced the service of precious metals storage. You are interested in purchasing gold or silver products in our webshop and would wish to store them in a safe place?

It is only a click away! Simply check the storage option instead of delivery while completing your order.

The storage is free of charge for the 1st year, after which it is charged based on the following price list:

Value of products stored Yearly storage fee in HRK (incl. VAT)
Up to 49.999 HRK 240
50.000 HRK – 99.999 HRK 432
100.000 HRK – 299.999 HRK 720
300.000 HRK – 999.999 HRK 960
1.000.000 HRK – and more per agreement

The storage fee is invoiced in advance, for the upcoming 12-month period, according to the value of the storage item on the day of issuing the invoice.

For terms and conditions click HERE.