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1 ounce gold coin Dalmatian dog – coloured – SOLD OUT



The Croatian National Bank in cooperation with the Croatian Mint has issued, as part of the Dalmatian Dog series, a coloured commemorative gold coin.

For the first time in history, the Croatian Mint has minted coloured coins.

The gold coin of one ounce (31,103 grams) is available in a limited series of only 101 pieces. It belongs to the category of investment gold and is minted in 999.9 / 1000. It comes in a box with a certificate signed by the Governor of the Croatian National Bank.

The “Dalmatian dog” is the first edition of the series of coins “Autochthonous Croatia”. The International Cynological Federation acknowledged in 1994 the Dalmatian dog as an authochtonous Croatian breed, whose origin is based in pictures and records from the 16th century. The sculptor Nikola Vudrag translated the recognizable features of this breed, as well as parts of the geographical map of Croatia into a conceptual design. The spots characteristic of the Dalmatian dog are made in the form of various Croatian islands, and a part of mainland is also shown in relief, with sea waves in the background.

The packaging was designed by Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić.

The packaging are handmade and hide their uniqueness; each copy is imperfect in its own way. The basic design element of the “Autochtonous Croatia” product line is the “logo” of the product line with the letters laid in the shape of a chessboard. The base of the box is made of red paper with a special structure that represents the Croatian square.

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Face value 1000 HRK
Alloy Gold 999,9/1000
Weight 31,103 g
Diameter 32 mm
Author Nikola Vudrag, sculptor
Mintage 101
16.667,31 kn (2.212,13 €)

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