Au 1g: 55.57 €
Ag 1g: 0.67 €

Gold 1g: 55.57 € | Silver 1g: 0.67 € | Platinum 1g: 28.98 € | Last update: 04.02.2023. 03:14:00

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The Dalmatian dog coins are back – in colour!
Dalmatian dog coloured 1 ounce

The Croatian National Bank has issued, in cooperation with the Croatian Mint, commemorative gold and silver coins “Dalmatian Dog” with the motifs of the Dalmatian dog, one of the most recognisable breeds in Croatia and the world.

The design of the commemorative gold and silver coins is by the sculptor Nikola Vudrag and the issue was minted by the Croatian Mint.

The total issued quantity of the HRK 1,000 coloured gold coin is limited at 101 items,

the HRK 250 gold coin is limited at 2,000 items, and the HRK 20 coloured silver coin is limited at 500 items.

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