Au 1g: 378.58 Kn
Ag 1g: 4.78 Kn

Gold 1g: 378.58 Kn | Silver 1g: 4.78 Kn | Platinum 1g: 200.91 Kn | Last update: 03.12.2021. 12:04:00

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Dalmatian dog shows up on coins !
Dalmatian dog coins

The Croatian Mint proudly presents new editions of investment gold coins and commemorative silver coins with the Dalmatian dog motif!

In order to commemorate the world known authochthonous Croatian dog breed, the Croatian National Bank has issued, and the Croatian Mint has minted, commemorative coins with the Dalmatian dog motif.

The coins come in three editions: one ounce gold coin, 1/16 ounce gold coin and one ounce silver coin. The gold coins are investment gold category and are minted in 999,9/1000 gold, whereas the silver coin is minted in 999/1000 silver.

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