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The two most significant innovations of Faust Vrančić on collector coins
1 ounce gold coin "Faust Vrančić's innovations"

Faust Vrančić indebted the world to his innovations, to which we now dedicate two new numismatic coins. They lead the new collector coin series “Croatian Innovators”.

The Croatian National Bank, in cooperation with the Croatian Mint, has issued the gold collector coin “Faust Vrančić’s innovations” in a limited series of 300 pieces and the silver collector coin “Faust Vrančić’s innovations” in a series of no more than 15,000 pieces.

Two Croatian sculptors worked together on the design of this coin. The reverse side of the collector coin shows his original drawing, the number 38. “HOMO VOLANS” – Flying man with the first printed drawing of a parachute, designed by Jelena Mavrić Varga, while the obverse side of the collector coin shows a mill in a round tower driven by the power of the wind, designed by Paula Banić Vudrag.

If you decide to buy these collector coins as a gift to someone dear to you, it is useful to know that each of them comes in a gift box with a certificate signed by the governor of the Croatian National Bank.

The gold and silver collector coin “Faust Vrančić’s innovations” can be purchased through the web store of the Croatian Mint or from certain sales partners.